Sunday, 24 October 2010

Debunking the Lovecraftian Occult | Essay | The Lovecraft News Network

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My essay on Lovecraftian occultism was the final article published by the much-missed Lovecraft News Network.

“Being privy to his formidable intellectual resources and interest in guerrilla academic pursuits, we invited him to pen a few thoughts on a Lovecraftian topic of his choosing. Mr. Morrison was good enough to submit to us the following article, which we are simultaneously astounded by and deeply grateful for. His treatise is a devastating phalanx of logic and reason, yet it is gleeful and neither mean-spirited nor overtly hostile. It is a gentleman's argument, though we suspect there may be those who passionately disagree with his findings. We have found that such is typically the case with all of the best writings of the most interesting and rhetorically dexterous authors.”
– Charles Ward, Senior Phrenologist & Director of Public Relations, The Lovecraft News Network

“...this article is approved by The New Church of the Great Old Ones and I hope to see many more like it.”
The Patriarch of The New Church of the Great Old Ones