Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Phantasmagoria | Necrofuturist Transmission, Nightbreed Radio & Necrofuturist Salon, Alterati

Covers of Necrofuturist Transmissions featuring Phantasmagoria stories

The Phantasmagoria stories were written for P. Emerson Williams' Necrofuturist Transmission, on Nightbreed Radio, where they were serialised between 2011 and 2013, narrated by myself. The audiobook available on Panicmachine Records is the culmination of those recordings, but for the benefit of all retrofuturists and future scholars of necrology, I present the following research into the original broadcasts.

1st February 2011. Necrofuturist Transmission #26: What Is in the Basement of the “Necrofuturist Empire”? (Nightbreed Radio). Featured A Prisoner in the City of Books.

16th March 2011. Necrofuturist Transmission #27: The Hungry Ghost (Nightbreed Radio). Featured The Hungry Ghost.

15th June 2011. Necrofuturist Transmission #30: Gnoccicism – the Necros Templar (Nightbreed Radio). Featured The Pennine Horror, set to music by P. Emerson Williams.

21st June 2011. Necrofuturist Salon #19: there are “Hidden MixMasters” operating above (Alterati). Featured Arkwright & The Angel. The Necrofuturist Salon, hosted by Alterati, was the podcast version of the Necrofuturist Transmission, and would be posted a few weeks after each show had first been broadcast on Nightbreed Radio. The Salon's episodes were numbered differently to their equivalents in the Transmission. This particular show will therefore have first been broadcast a few weeks before the date given above, with a different episode number.

30th August 2011. Necrofuturist Salon #22: Necrofuturists are watching you (Alterati). Featured The Fetch: A Suicide Note. As with Necrofuturist Salon #19, above, this show will have first been broadcast on Nightbreed Radio a few weeks before the date given above, with a different episode number.

20th September 2011. Necrofuturist Transmission #32: Beastern Crabalistic Sources (Nightbreed Radio). Featured The Plague Doctor.

October 2011. Necrofuturist Transmission #33: unwitting glowsticks, cybers, mallrats and suburban witchy-poos (Nightbreed Radio). Featured The Devil & Johnny Orpheus.

March 2013. Necrofuturist Transmission #49: Winter Town Part 1 (Nightbreed Radio). Featured the first half of Winter Town.

June 2013. Necrofuturist Transmission #50: Winter Town Part 2 (Nightbreed Radio). Featured the second half of Winter Town.

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