Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Death & Resurrection of Tomb Zero | Set of 5 Digital LPs

The Death & Resurrection of Tomb Zero is a series of five kosmische musik LPs that present a more hypnotic and meditative, and less song-structure-oriented, expansion of the original Tomb Zero album. The LPs remix many (although not all) of the Tomb Zero recordings, and contain extensive previously unreleased material dating from the same period.

Reel 1: The Parliament of Rooks

The Parliament of Rooks cover art.

I. Cnoc Fillibhear Bheag (NB225327)
II. Cnoc Ceann a'Garraidh (NB222326)
III. The Parliament of Rooks Is Now in Session
IV. The Second Law of Thermodynamics
V. When the Stelliferous Era Is Over (Turn Out the Lights)
VI. Kosmische Totenmarsch

Reel 2: Faerie Holes

Faerie Holes cover art.

I. Faerie Holes
i. Songbird
ii. Ludwell (NY945374)
iii. Linkirk (NY006392)

II. On the Origin of Species

III. Faerie Holes (Reprise)
i. Heathery Burn (NY987415)
ii. Jacob's Well (NZ035362)
iii. Elph Cleugh (NY889342)

Reel 3: The Spindle of Necessity

The Spindle of Necessity cover art.

I. Callanish (NB213330)
II. On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres
III. Callanish (Reprise)

Reel 4: Stella Atra

Stella Atra cover art.

I. Navis Stellae
i. Ferryman
ii. Coins from the Eyes of Corpses
iii. Crossing the Deep
iv. Ferryman (Reprise)

II. Necropolis Suite (NS605655)

III. Elegia Nihilum
i. Ashes from the Bone Fire
ii. Sagittarius A* (α 17 45 40.03599 δ -29 00 28.1699)
iii. Black Sun

Reel 5: Parabolic Trajectory

Parabolic Trajectory cover art.

I. Launch Ritual
II. The Void
III. Falling Star