Friday, 25 July 2014

Le Twisto Gnomique | Tonttu | CD & Digital LP | Panicmachine Records

Le Twisto Gnomique DVD case front cover

I bravely did my duty in the war against gnomes when called upon to contribute to Finnish anti-gnome band Tonttu's remix album Le Twisto Gnomique: Remix und Remake, on Panicmachine Records, to which I contributed two remixes, of Suurin Petos, from their 2013 album Nekrognomekon, and Tonttujen Kestit – Alkupalat, from their February 2014 album Anti​-​Gnomen Divisionen 4 (Mastering the fine art of gnome eradication).

“These guys are just as passionate about making music as they are about killing gnomes.”
Brutal Resonance

Le Twisto Gnomique DVD case rear cover

Le Twisto Gnomique CD

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