Thursday, 11 December 2014

Der Human​-​Gnome Projektum 5 | Tonttu | CD & Digital LP | Panicmachine Records

Der Human-Gnome Projektum cover

I designed the fully customisable and printer-ready Global Anti-Gnome Army identity card and enlistment certificate included with the digital edition of Tonttu's Der Human-Gnome Projektum 5, on Panicmachine Records. I also wrote the text of the solemn, sacred and legally binding oath contained therein – which I was of course more than happy to swear myself, as you can see below. The logo, which I created using a drawing by a certain ML-N from the sleeve of Tonttu's 2013 Nekrognomekon album, has since then been used by the band as an avatar for much of their internet activities, in this way becoming central to their online visual identity.

Tonttu Global Anti-Gnome Army identity card

Tonttu Global Anti-Gnome Army enlistment certificate

Panicmachine logo