Sunday, 28 June 2015

Space Is Hell | The Soviet Space Programme | Cassette

Space Is Hell cassette front cover

Space Is Hell, the debut album from my communist rocketsludge project The Soviet Space Programme, was released on my fortieth birthday as a limited edition cassette – my solo music's first release in physical rather than digital form. The album is a rocket-powered, totalitarian, sludge/noise/drone-metal nightmare, and an extended meditation on and celebration of schizoid dissociation, the universe's remorseless indifference, and the ultimate meaninglessness and futility of everything, featuring protracted and traumatising sessions of brutal electric guitar torture, and the voices of dead cosmonauts muttering on untuned radio sets. There are fifty tapes available, duplicated from 32-bit masters, with hand-stamped, transparent red shells and transparent red cases, and a 3-panel colour inlay. Easy listening for acid casualties.

Space Is Hell cassette inlay, reading: Vostok Zero, the first human spaceflight, was launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome in the Soviet Union on 1st April 1961, piloted by Colonel Ivan Ivanovich – a cosmonaut whose name has been entirely expurgated from even the most restricted secret records of the Soviet Space Programme. During the launch, the Vostok-K carrier rocket, which had only ever been intended to place the spacecraft into Earth orbit, catastrophically malfunctioned, and instead sent Ivanovich hurtling off on a trajectory which would eventually carry him far beyond our solar system, into deep space, with no hope of return. The very existence of the ill-fated flight of the first man in space has of course never been officially acknowledged by either the Soviet or Russian authorities – and yet these remarkable recordings of Ivanovich's final transmission, received just before radio contact with Vostok Zero was lost forever, stand as testament to his untold story.

“Like Urthona meets Neil Young's 'Arc' on the corner of Kazakhstan and inner space, this is a terrifying drone monster.”
The Seth Man

“Well worth the £6.66.”
Riot Season Records

“...a nicely executed concept album, and easily one of the more intriguing noise tapes I've heard in a really long time. ...the completely hopeless and isolating experience you've all been waiting for.”
Ongakubaka Records

“This ingeniously morbid concept album comes highly recommended to all fans of drone doom, fuzz-heavy psychedelia, and noise.”
Foreign Accents

“The result could have been obscure, but it is not, and it is fun to get lost with Ivanovich in outer infinity.”
Indie Rock Mag

“ interesting and immersive experience for experimental musicologists and interplanetary explorers to partake in.”
Ave Noctum

“ an alternate soundtrack to 2001: A Space Odyssey.”
Metal Trenches

“...the sounds of heavy resonance, rushing power, and isolation-enforcing studies in feedback all cluster around the sensation of being trapped in a piece of complex machinery in which something important has broken.”
The Burning Beard

“...a good buy for fans of atmospheric noise/drone music.”
the modern folk music of america

“Lovers of doom, drone and space, do not miss this album.”
Stoner & More

Space Is Hell cassette, box & inlay shown separately

Space Is Hell transparent red cassette in its transparent red box without inlay

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