Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Phantasmagoria (Albtraum in der Stille) | DJ Vrhovny | Hypnagothique Podcast

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A preview of Phantasmagoria (Albtraum in der Stille), by DJ Vrhovny, on the Hypnagothique podcast (#118 The Light Is Right). The track is an as-yet-unreleased remix of the theme from the Phantasmagoria audiobook, and will feature on my forthcoming Phantasmagoria EP – a collection of remixes and remakes of the Phantasmagoria theme, and readings from the book set to music, that will include work by myself, A Garden of Pomegranates, and P. Emerson Williams, as well as further material from DJ Vrhovny. The Phantasmagoria EP will be released on Panicmachine Records at the same time as the forthcoming print edition of Phantasmagoria.

Hypnagothique #118 cover

My music has been on the Hypnagothique podcast before, in Hypnagothique #97 – Paragnosis, from March 2013, which featured two of my tracks, including an excerpt from Electrical Storm – a rare, early alternate mix of the guitar solo which eventually became The Zero Gravity Toilet Is Malfunctioning Again, on Space Is Hell.

Hypnagothique #97 cover