Saturday, 31 October 2015

Dead Signal | The Soviet Space Programme | And Otherness, Coast Community Radio

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This All Hallow's Eve, my music apparently caused some consternation over at Coast Community Radio, where it was being broadcast on Gregg Skloff's And Otherness show – upon hearing the show start, a fellow presenter found it necessary to rush to the studio to assure himself of Gregg's wellbeing, in case my Dead Signal turned out to in fact be just that.

Coast Community Radio broadcasts to the coastal region of southwest Washington and northwest Oregon, and Gregg's show can be heard there every other Friday night/Saturday morning, midnight-2am Pacific Time. You can also listen to the show online, via Mixcloud. Since the beginning of 2013, my music has been broadcast several times on And Otherness, featuring in shows #46, #57 and #59, as well as of course the 2015 Hallowe'en show, #113.

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