Sunday, 4 October 2015

Norns | Short Story | Esoterica Zine

Esoterica Vol. 2 cover

A short scifi myth entitled Norns, in Esoterica Zine (Vol. 2: Plant).

“The silver ship plummets from the star-strewn stratosphere, like a phosphorescent, quicksilver meteor. At first it is but a rapidly falling point of pure white light, but its brilliant circle swells as it descends, until the hull's metallic disk obscures a substantial swathe of sky, directly above you. It halts with impossible suddenness, some one hundred feet in the air, and hangs absolutely motionless, in perfect silence.”

“Three knowing Norns,
From the Well beneath the Tree:
Fate, Becoming and Necessity are their names.
They make laws, they choose lives,
They set our fates.”
– The Poetic Edda

“A lovely tale.”
– Esoterica