Sunday, 13 December 2015

Also Sprach Gnomethustra | Tonttu | CD & Digital LP | Panicmachine Records

Also Sprach Gnomethustra DVD case front cover

I continue to vigorously resist the evil of gnomes on Tonttu's Also Sprach Gnomethustra, on Panicmachine Records, to which I contributed a kosmische-folk remake of Taisteluni, from their 1998 Gnomedrome EP.

“Well you see these gnomes
– They aren't like us, you know –
Well they come over here
With their little red hats
And their big white beards
And their funny little shoes
With the bells on the pointy, curly toes,
And they take our jobs,
And they never do any work,
And they impregnate our women
And teach our kids to speak nothing but Gnomish,
And the next thing you know
You're out in the woods
Tied naked to a tree
While horrible little redcapped, blackhearted gnomes
Build a bonfire around you,
And argue about who gets to eat your spleen –
Because that, my friend, is the evil that gnomes do.”

“My favorite mix on the album was the last one done by Thomas Jude Barclay Morrison. He does less a remix and more of a cover of TONTTU's 'My Struggle'. He gets rid of most elements of electronic music and transforms it into a folk song that would fit perfectly in an RPG. Also, he transfers the lyrics from Finnish to English which was a welcome addition. Perhaps this will help spread Anti-Gnome propaganda in English speaking countries... But, some people just choose to remain ignorant. Sigh. ”
Brutal Resonance

My Struggle artwork

Also Sprach Gnomethustra DVD case rear cover

Also Sprach Gnomethustra CD

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