Friday, 11 December 2015

The Devil & Johnny Orpheus | Short Story | Esoterica Zine

Esoterica Vol. 3 cover

The Devil & Johnny Orpheus, from Phantasmagoria, in Esoterica Zine (Vol. 3: Sign).

“Who can remember where and when a dream begins? Dreams have no beginning - once we enter their continuum, that continuum recedes into the past for as far as we can see. And so it was with Johnny Orpheus, dreaming strange dreams at the crossroads - he had no way of knowing at what point oblivion ended and dreaming began. All he knew was the road he now walked - it seemed to him that he had been walking it forever, in the stifling heat. Rippling with mirages, it stretched away, both ahead of him and behind him, until it passed beyond the limits of his sight. It ran across a black desert, whose sands were a mixture of ash, soot and volcanic glass. Here and there in the distance, the bedrock pierced the sand with low-lying, rippling ridges of pale pumice - skeleton-white stripes ribbing the endless, burnt black. The skies were choked with thick smoke, which seemed to drift from vast fires hidden just beyond the horizon, where bloodstained light glowed. The air was hot, sulphurous and suffocating.”

“Stephen King-esque”
– Esoterica