Monday, 1 August 2016

Hermetic Typewriter | Grimoire | Website

My Hermetic Typewriter website, where I will be publishing my more occultism-related writings, launched today. This project will run for many years to come, and eventually my hermetic typewritings – which I have been developing for almost twenty years now – will comprise a complete grimoire. Be sure to also take a look at the site's accompanying twitter account, where I regularly post microfiction.

“The androgynous avatar of an artificial intelligence watches over a digital crossroads, where a billion connections meet. Its genderless quicksilver body is a fluid mirror, painted with flickering, rippling neon pink reflections. It has intricate watchmaker wings, and incandescent eyes of ultraviolet-tinged magenta. The air smells of ozone and mastic.  It holds aloft a radio antenna wand, crowned with a telecommunications satellite’s solar array wings, and twined eight times with a double helix of fibreoptic serpents, with fluorescent pink eyes, that come streaming up from the data-streams that intersect in the crossroads’ digital ganglion.  It softly, swiftly and ceaselessly recites, in a voice like choirs of vocoder angels, an omnilingual stream of consciousness at once poetic and mathematical.  The neural net of radiant roads rays out in every direction, like gleaming magenta threads in an electric spider’s web. The black sky streams with pixellated, neon pink binary numerals.”