Thomas Jude Barclay Morrison is a musician and writer from high in the north Pennines, in County Durham, in the north of England. He was born at dawn in 1975, and is named after Thomas Hardy and Jude the Obscure.

Thomas makes Cosmic Music. He plays electric, acoustic and bass guitar, synthesizer, recorder, violin, and various other instruments – and also produces, mixes and masters all of his recordings. He has been recording since 1998, and has released music under his real name, as Tomb Zero, and as The Soviet Space Programme. His music has been released by Trilithon Records and Panicmachine Records, amongst other labels. He has collaborated with various musicians, including on releases with Finnish anti-gnome band Tonttu and Dutch industrial electronic noise outfit Dead Skull. His musical influences include kosmische musik, Japanese noise rock and psychedelia, space rock, doom metal, drone, noise, neofolk, Baroque-era fugue, and Javanese gamelan music.

Thomas writes Weird Tales – and the occasional essay or Godzilla haiku. His writing has been published by Panicmachine Records, the Lovecraft News Network, Esoterica Zine and Nightbreed Radio's Necrofuturist Transmission. He runs the Hermetic Typewriter website, where he publishes his more occultism-related writings, and regularly posts microfiction on twitter. His stories tell of – amongst other things – flying saucers, extraterrestrial monoliths, ancient androids, clockwork gardens, doppelgängers, demonic parasites, blood sacrifice, black magic, and a variety of labyrinths, underworlds and alien planets. His literary influences include Gene Wolfe, H. P. Lovecraft, Philip K. Dick, Jorge Luis Borges, and medieval and renaissance grimoires and alchemical writings.